Yes, I have a sock!

Yippee, I did it—I finished a sock! And, it even almost fits my daughter’s foot. Unfortunately, the next one needs to be a little bigger.


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The socks are starting to look like socks! It has taken a lot of ripping as I figured out the directions for turning the heel, and switched to an easier ribbing for the leg so I wouldn’t keep losing my place.

The end is in sight, at least for one half of the pair!


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Pink sweater modeled

Here is my two-year-old modeling the pink Toddler Jacket!


Rainbow socks

Well, after a few false starts and a lot of ripping, I am finally started on my very first pair of socks! It took a while to get the hang of working with four needles, but now I’m on my way. I can even see the ribbing pattern starting to emerge. Continue Reading »

Cotton Candy Pink

OK, I lied. I didn’t start the socks next! Daughter #2 was very jealous that I made a sweater for her older sister, so I quickly made another Toddler Jacket, this time using Rowan Big Wool in shade 30. On my #17 needles, this knit up with the same gauge as the Fingerpaints. 3 100g balls were enough to make the size 4 with a collar, but I would need to add a 4th ball to make the size 6. Which, I will probably be doing, because now daughter #1 is upset that her sweater is not pink. I can’t win!

Project #2, Toddler Jacket

The Night the Stars Fell

Here is an amazing experience, one I wouldn’t believe if it hadn’t happened to me. Two years ago I traveled to a small town in Ohio, hoping to find the grave of my GGGG-Grandfather and those of other ancestors. The area is still rural and very beautiful, with slight rolling hills of green fields. I had a map with tiny graveyards marked by squares, but one of them was not visible from the road, and I couldn’t figure out if I was lost, or if it was actually behind someone’s house or in a field. We stopped to ask a woman out working in her yard if she had heard of the graveyard we were searching for, and she said she didn’t know, but to ask the people across the street because they had lived in the area for many years. I walked over and knocked at the door. The woman was home, and though she looked a little suspiciously at this stranger asking about graveyards, she asked me who I was looking for. “Burkes and Goldens” I replied, and she said-“you are from my husband’s family”. Continue Reading »

A return to knitting

Over the holidays, I was visiting my family, which always seems to re-invigorate my interest in the crafts I learned as a child. My mother is avid in both knitting and crochet, churning out afghans and scarves. Over the years I have made a few items, but since having children have never seemed to find the time. Well, this year I decided to carve out the time, and return to knitting! Continue Reading »