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I finally got started on the March Sockamania sock; I am at row 25.

This pattern has been a challenge for me because the stitch where you switch between dpns is a purl, and it is difficult for me to make these tight and I am worried about laddering.  I thought about moving the stitches around on the needles, but then I lost my place too easily, so went back to purling the first stitch. Hopefully with practice my dpn technique will improve.

This is my first project incorporating cables.  I’m not sure they look like the sample in the pattern, but I can tell that I am making cables!  I’m using the 5th dpn from my set, which can be a little dangerous . . . in an absent-minded moment, I started knitting onto the “cable” needle, and suddenly had 4 needles in my work and it took me a few minutes to figure out what I had done!



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I’m almost done with the third skein, and the bottom panel is now about 30 inches long. A lot of work, and not too exciting yet. I can’t wait to start knitting in a different direction!


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